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Scott Hornberger

Scott Hornberger: Owner/Operator

It all started in the Fall of 1989, Scott’s first radio gig at WMVR in Sidney Ohio. Little did he know where this would lead him. Though he started out as an on air personality, the core of Scott’s career has been in Radio Sales.

His first job in sales started at Power 95 and WBZI in Xenia. After two year stint there, the station sold, and was forced to look elsewhere. When Scott found out that Oldies 104 in Dayton was looking for a sales professional, he jumped at the chance, and got the job. This lead to radio sales work at WIMA and T-102 in Lima, Clear 95.7/WPTW in Piqua and then finally back to Hits 105.5 WMVR in 1997 as an on air personality and sales. After six years at WMVR, Scott took a position with WTRJ 96.9 in Troy. The station sold after one year being with company. After a 2 year stint with Clear Channel Radio, Scott got out of the radio business all together, and started selling direct mail for ValPak, and now currently the Troy and Tipp City Town Money Saver.

Radio always ran through his veins though, and that’s when he started researching internet radio. Scott joined forces with his long time radio colleague and friend, Clint Myers, and together built Troy Community Radio, Troy’s first Local internet radio station… from the ground up.

Scott is a life long resident of Troy, 1988 graduate of Troy High School, and a graduate of the International College of Broadcasting in 1990. The mission of my radio station is to provide listeners of the Troy Community with quality programming that includes Local Events, High School Sports, Weather, and a great music variety that you can listen to at work, home and at play. “For a number of years now, there has been a huge void in local radio broadcasting for Troy. I intend to change that. Thank You for your support!”

Clint Myers

Clint Myers: Programming/Production/Engineering

As a kid, my teachers would tell me that I sounded like I was on the radio when I talked, little did I know where those early comments would catch up with me. I have always taken things apart and put them back together so I can better understand how they work, fascinated with anything electronic, this got me into trouble as a kid, but has led me towards my love of radio.

In ’86, I had the luck of meeting a family friend that was working in a little rock station in Indiana. I started going over and hanging out with him and quickly picked up on the equipment and in ’88, soon after Graduating from Troy, he moved on and I wound up on the air as Clint Edwards doing weeknights at 98.3 WZZY. Funny enough, the name Clint Edwards stuck until just recently.

In ’90 after WPTW/WCLR burnt down, I heard that some of the “on air guys” were leaving, it was my chance. I didn’t give the station manager, Joanna Hill, much of a break. I must have called and dropped off tapes every other day till one day she called me. I started weekends in the studio trailer they had till the building was rebuilt. By the time we moved into the new building I was live 6pm till Midnight weekdays on The Valley’s Easy FM. Throughout my stay at WPTW/WCLR I worked as pseudo production director plus my turn at all the day-parts finishing as Morning host for the Big Oldies Breakfast on 95.7. Note: The whole time I fallowed the station engineer around when he worked on the equipment soaking in every single thing I could learn and it’s all come in very handy.

After WCLR/WPTW I had moved on to Oldies 94.5 in Dayton for a short stint, spent some time at 97.5 WTRJ in Greenville and also wound up working for Tower Communications, an in-store music and message company. When I started we were mailing cassettes to each store, when I left we were satellite coast to coast. I was charged with programming their 3 music networks as well as being production director and doing the voice-overs. It was a crazy thought that someone could hear me in a store in Florida or any other state. It was not long that they grew beyond Greenville and moved to Nashville, I stayed close to home.

In ’95 another friend came to me with a prospect of ‘Local Radio’ WMVR Hits 105.5 in Sidney, a whole station overhaul top to bottom. Once again before I knew it I was live on air, programming the station and acting production director along with getting quite versed in engineering the back side of the broadcast. After the station owner died in 2004, the station had lost its momentum and I had lost my interest. In 2005-2007 I went back to WMVR to do an Oldies Show on Sunday nights, The Sunday Night Surfin’ Safari as Eddie Taylor.

When Scott came to me in September of 2012 with the Idea of an internet radio station in Troy… Well here we are! I’ve come to describe radio like the circus, once it’s in your blood you can’t get it out unless you’re doing it. Scott and I have worked together on and off since we both had graduated from Troy High School, I couldn’t think of a better person I could work with in this business. I believe that we have both brought the best we have to offer to this venture and we have other friends that have found themselves on the outside of radio that we welcome back to become a part of the team. If you like what you hear now… just wait as we spread our wings. is the product of our knowledge and accumulated experience in broadcasting and Promotions, Enjoy!

Lori Burch

Lori Burch-Younce: Sales/Morning Show Host

Lori Burch-Younce is a Troy, Ohio native and a 1991 graduate of Troy High School. She is married to Jon Younce and has two children, Jordan 18, and Cameron 15. Both of her kids are involved in many activities at Troy High School, including the Troy High School Marching Band. Lori enjoys her book club, swimming in her pool, spending time with family and friends, camping and cooking. She has been involved with many volunteer organizations in Troy, including Gifted and Talented Children, PTO, National Night Out, and Boy Scouts of America.

Lori has a very diverse career background. She has worked as a bartender, a loan officer, a corporate trainer, and an English tutor. Lori has a degree in Human Resources and is currently continuing her education at Franklin University, where she has been named a Student of Distinction in 2014.

How did Lori come to work for Troy Community Radio? Well, it’s a pretty interesting story! Lori has been friends with TCR’s owner/operator Scott Hornberger for more than 20 years. One day last fall, Scott offered Lori a job in sales with the radio station. Although Lori had previous experience in sales, she had never sold radio advertising, but Scott felt confident that Lori was up to the challenge. After a few months of working sales for TCR, Lori was promoted to co-host of the Troy Community Radio Morning Show with Clint Myers. Going live on the air each morning was nerve wracking at first, but now Lori has found her radio “sea legs” and has grown in leaps and bounds! She finds radio to be intoxicating and more enjoyable than she could have imagined!

As Troy Community Radio has grown in new directions, Lori Burch-Younce is now not only the Morning Show co- host, she is also in charge of securing underwriting sponsorships for the station. Keep your eyes open for Lori, she may be knocking on your door!

Todd Hollst

Todd Hollst: On Air/Evenings

When I was around five years old, the older brothers of two neighborhood friends built a small radio station in their basement. The small wattage transmitter didn’t reach far, but they had turntables, cart machines, a mixer and a microphone and tons of records. In my young eyes, it was a real radio station and I vividly recall watching them broadcast from their basement. It is one of my earliest memories.

My first taste of real radio, and I would say the most influential, was when my Cub Scout pack went on a tour of WING-AM/WJAI-FM guided by Dayton radio icon Steve Kirk. Once inside his studio, I became mesmerized by all of the shiny equipment and flashing lights and buttons. It was fantastic. But the moment was heightened when “Kirkie” cracked the mic and began his DJ rap. I was pretty certain it couldn’t get much better than that.

As a teenager, I had a Dayton Daily News paper route and I used my wages to buy 45 RPMs at Armadillo Records in Kettering and DJ equipment from Radio Shack. I built a pirate radio station in my bedroom with a small drive-by transmitter, like those used by realtors in front of a homes for sale. I spent hours playing music, making announcements and taking requests from my sister listening in the next room. I still have cassettes of those early “broadcasts” and they still embarrass me to this day.

After high school I attended Lincoln Memorial University where I was recruited to play soccer. After the season ended, I got a job at the campus radio station to fill my free time. I began doing the evening show on WLMU, playing two hours of hard rock every night. It was great fun and gave me loads of experience. It also helped a failing and misguided college student figure out what he wanted to do with his life.

I got my first real radio job at WING/WGTZ in Dayton. One of my college classes took a tour of the station and my incessant questions and observations compelled the program director to offer me a part-time job by the end of the tour. I took the job and after about six months at WING, I was promoted down the hallway to do overnights and eventually afternoon-drive on Z-93.

After Z-93, I hosted shows at Power 95, WHIO-AM, The X@103.9, and Mix 107.7, all in Dayton. I left radio in 2002 and began working at WHIO-TV as a Creative Services writer/producer. There, I won two Edward R. Murrow Awards for my work, as well as several Associated Press awards and Telly awards.

I now work in advertising during the day and am thrilled to be hosting Tasty 80’s @ 8 on Troy Community Radio every Wednesday night.